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Naturalist Mr. Basu Bidari was born in the core heart of Chitwan district, Nepal. He has spent his most of his time in Chitwan National Park since his childhood. It is needless to say he has great knowledge of the birds and mammals of Nepal since his interest in nature and wild animals from young age. He is indeed few of the persons to end up with in Nepal having experience and knowledge regarding nature and wild.
He has taken nature guide training in 1992s and working in hotels as a naturalist. He had joined Mowglies Eco Adventure Tours as fulltime naturalists guide since 2002. He has spent every year since then guiding the organization and serving customers from various parts of the world. He was also awarded from Chitwan Bird Conservation in 2010 and Vulture Conservation in 2014. He is past president of Nature Guide Association as well as Bird Education Society. Currently, he is a representative of Center Region of Nepalese Ornithological Union.