Why Mwogli's Eco Adventure ?

"The sunset and sunrise, the song of birds, their evening gatherings, the breeze that sways trees and the winds that blow your mind away. Truly Natural!

We have been providing service to the people who are nature enthusiast for more than 20 years. We enjoy taking people closer to mother nature to explore and to see happiness in their eyes. If you want to roam around the wilderness and capture your lifetime memories, we heartily welcome you to Mowgli Eco Adventure.
Take a closer walk with nature."

Adventure Activities

Chitwan is a best destination for almost all kinds of outdoor adventure activities like Jeep safari, canyoning, jungle walk, Tiger sighting,Rhino Sighting and much more which are more popular among adventure lovers. The geographical and natural diversity and a wide range of exotic culture make Sauraha an ideal place for trekking and exploration. Trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal is one’s life time opportunity to observe its culture facets and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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Team Profile

Ram Gir Prasad Chaudhary (Guide)

Ram Gir Prasad Chaudhary (Sangati) was born in Bara district and living at the edge of Chitwan National Park, Nepal since 1984. He has taken Nature Guide Training in 1996. He has great knowledge of birds and mammals. He is also a life member of Bird …

Sirendra Mahato (Guide)

Sirendra Mahato was born in the edge of Chitwan National Park. He has great experience and knowledge of birds and mammals. He has passed the Guide Training in 1994. He was working with hotel at the start of his career and went to India afterwards. …

Hem Subedi (Guide)

Hem Subedi was born edge of Chitwan National Park, Nepal. He knowledge of flora and fauna of the wild fascinates every nature enthusiast. He has taken Guide Training in 1994. He is working with Mowgli’s Eco Adventure Tours as a naturalist. He is also a past …