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MOWGLI’S PACKAGE 2 :- Siraichuli Trekking (Chepang Hill Trek) - 13 Days

MOWGLI’S PACKAGE 2 :- Siraichuli Trekking (Chepang Hill Trek)

This 12 night 13 day gives you an unforgettable experience of bird watching and staying in rural Nepal. During the trek you will stay in the home of the Chepang tribal group who still practice a nomadic life. You will have a safari adventure in the Chitwan National Park, an amazing flight around the mountains of Everest and sightseeing in the Katmandu Valley. This is a superb once in a life time adventure in Nepal.

Day 1
Day One

Meet at the airport and transfer to the hotel

Welcome drinks

Refresh, Lunch and Rest

6:00 pm- Introduction to Nepal and review of trip itinerary

7:00 pm- Dinner at hotel

Day 2
Day Two

6:30 am- Breakfast

7:00 am- Drive to Hugdi the starting point of the Chepang Hill Siraichuli trek. We start by climbing up from Hugdi through sections of degraded broadleaf forests and along terraced fields etched into the hillsides in fascinating geometric patterns. The bird species likely to be seen here include the Rusty-Chicked Scimitar Babbler, Slaty-Backed and Black-Backed Forktail, Thick-Billed Flowerpecker, Crimson and Black Throated Sun Bird and if you are lucky you may even see the Ibisbill. There are excellent views of the Trisuli Valley.

1:00 pm- Lunch break

5:30 pm Overnight home stay in Jogipuri

7:00 pm Dinner with local family

Day 3
Day Three

7:00 am- After a cup tea or milk proceed to Hattibang,

8:00 am- Breakfast on the way with Magar family

10:00 am- We start by gradually climbing up towards the Hattibang at 1300m through fantastic waterfalls and settlements, and pristine broadleaved forests giving excellent bird watching opportunities to see varieties of Thrush and Laughing Thrushes, Flycatchers, Warblers and Babblers and excellent Himalayan scenery.

1:00 pm- Lunch break with Gurung family

5:00 pm- Overnight in Hattibang and a home stay with a Magar family.

6:00 pm- Dinner and special cultural dancing of the Chepang and Giri Puri community.

Day 4
Day Four

8:00 am- Breakfast with Magar family.

9:00 am- Today we walk to Janjala at 1400m via Siraichuli through luxuriant oak and rhododendron forests. The Jandala is a Chepang community and is the major Chepang village on the trek. There are lots of opportunities for observing the Chepang culture and you will experience authentic Chepang foods, many of which are collected from the local forest. It is a fantastic bird watching area to see several species of Thrushes, Sunbirds, Forktails, Warblers, Babblers, Yuhinas, and Tits. The views are spectacular with 29 different ranges of the Himalayas that can be seen on a clear day.

1:00 pm- Lunch break on the way.

5:00 pm- Overnight in Janjala with Chepang family

6:00 pm- Dinner with Chepang family

Day 5
Day Five

6:30 am- Breakfast with the Chepang family, a special millet pancake with fresh honey and milk.

7:30 am- Full day bird watching trek through lush rhododendron and oak forests, the forest around this area is excellent for bird watching. We trek to Siraichuli viewing point which is the best place to see the sunrise in the Mahabharat range and it is the highest peak in Chitwan District at an elevation of 1945m. From here there are views of both of the Chitwan valley to the South and the Trisuli valley to the North as well as the snow capped peaks of the Himalaya in the distance. Birds that can be seen in this area include White-Browed Shrike Babbler, Chestnut- Bellied Rock Thrush, Mountain Bulbull, Eurasian Jay, Rufous Throated Partridge and various species of Warblers, Babblers, Tits and Flycatchers.

1:00 pm- Lunch break in the hot spot

5:30 pm- Overnight again in Janjala with the Chepang family

6:30 pm- Dinner with the Chepang family

Day 6
Day Six

6:30 am- Breakfast with the Chepang famliy.

7:30 am- Begin by climbing down to upper Dhanggadhi via Chisapanitar through settlements and lush oak and rhododendron forests, if you are lucky you may spot a leopard, the upper Dhanggadhi is the location of a historical fortress located at 1285m, the species of bird found include Rusty-Tailed Flycatcher, Slaty Blue Flycatcher, Rufous-Bellied Niltava, Blue Whistling Thrush, White Crested Laughing Thrushes, Greater and Lesser Laughing Thrushes, Chestnut and Blue-capped rock Thrush and Sultan Tit as well as different species of Warblers and Red Starts.

1:00 pm- Lunch break

5:00 pm- Overnight in Upper Dhanggadhi with Chepang Family, the view from the upper canopy is superb.

6:00 pm- Dinner with Gurung family.

Day 7
Day Seven

7:00 am- Breakfast

8:00 am- The trail proceeds toward Shaktikhor, which is located far below in the Terai region, it passes through settlements and lush broad leaved forests with some excellent bird watching, including several species of Laughing Thrushes, Flycatchers, Warblers, Babblers, Tits, Woodpecker. The Rufous-Throated Patridge, There are great chances to see other wildlife as well.

1:00 pm- Lunch

5:00 pm- Overnight home stay with Newar Family in Shaktikhor

6:00 pm- Dinner with the family

Day 8
Day Eight

7:00 am- Breakfast with a Newar Family.

8:00 am- Sightseeing and bird watching around Shaktikhor-Suntikhola and the stream area. The very rare Maccaca Assamenis monkey can be seen in this area of Chitwan where the animals are protected and we can visit the Parja museum and bat caves as well as a gorgeous waterfall and a remarkable water grinding mill. Birds found in the area are the Rusty-Tailed Flycatcher, Small Nintava, Spotted Forktail, Small Forktail, Collared Owlet, Sultan Tit and the Yellow-Bellied Fantail.

1:00 pm- Lunch with Tamang Family

2:00 pm- Visit the Chitwan National Park a World Heritage Site, which was once maintained as a hunting reserve, the park is famous for its protection of the endangered wildlife including the Royal Bengal Tiger and the greater one-horned rhino and offers a memorable wildlife experience.

4:00 pm- Welcome drink, Check in hotel

5:00 pm- Sunset views from the river bank with drink and snacks

6:30 pm- Dinner at hotel

Day 9
Day Nine

6:30 am- Breakfast

7:00 am- A half canoe trip along the river with fantastic scenery and aquatic birds and then on to the elephant breeding center one of only two elephant breeding centers in the World.

1:00 pm- Lunch at hotel

2:00 pm- Drive to the Bishajari Tal, A RAMSAR Site, which is an exceptionally good place to see a variety of birds and mammals. The lake is located inside the Barandavhar corridor forest of the Chitwan National Park.

6:30 pm- Dinner at hotel

Day 10
Day Ten

6:30 am- Breakfast

7:00 am- A half day Jungle walk exploring the riverine forest and grassland looking for the endangered greater one-horned rhino and Royal Bengal tiger.

12:00 pm- Lunch at hotel.

2:30 pm- Elephant walk in search of more wildlife especially the greater one-horned rhino, Deer, monkey and the Bengal tiger.

5:30 pm- Sunset from the river bank with drink and snacks.

6:30 pm- Dinner with traditional dancing performed by indigenous Tharu people.

Day 11
Day Eleven

6:30 am- Breakfast

7:00 am- Five hour drive back to Kathmandu.

1:00 pm- Lunch on the way

2:00 pm- Welcome drink, Check in at the hotel and rest.

4:00 pm- Sightseeing in Kathmandu's Durbar Square a World Heritage Site

6:30 pm- Dinner at the hotel.

Day 12
Day Twelve

6:00 am- Mountain flight to see Mount Everest top of the World.

9:00 am- Breakfast.

10:00 am- Full day sightseeing around Patan, the city of beauty and Bhaktapur, the city of devotees both World Heritage sites

1:00 pm- Lunch break

5:30 pm- Overnight at hotel

6:30 pm- Special dinner with typical Nepali dance and over all itinerary evaluation.

Day 13
Day Thirteen

Departure to the airport will be according to your flight schedule.

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